For Anne

She slept in one room and woke up in another. "I must be sleepwalking" she would say, but I always reminded her that I had locked the doors from outside the previous night. She saw her reflection blank, saw her shadow walk past her, heard screams across the hallway, seen the stars go away, sometimes … Continue reading For Anne


"There's nothing as depressing as falling with someone who doesn't deserve you." To You, My love, who betrayed me into the hands of She that I hated, you knew we weren't friends but you slept with her, how insecure... Well, its all in the past now. I wrote this to tell you that since we're … Continue reading SIGH



You told me it was terrible and you couldn’t understand it. The destruction of something beautiful, for no good reason. I suppose even a feeble attempt is commendable, so let me try to explain.

It starts with a thought, a tiny, insignificant seed of a thought, telling me it’s time. I ignore it, I stay away from it, I don’t touch it, I don’t tempt it, I don’t provoke it. I often run in the opposite direction, but the thought chases me and it grows. Then something happens.

Anything can be a trigger if you’re broken enough. It could be a malicious rumour spread by a jealous friend. It could be a vague comment from my mother spoken in her seasoned tone of bitter disappointment. It could be a well written song that sings too much truth of the past. It could be anything that hits too close to the…

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The Internet; A blessing or a curse to the future kids

The internet is a network of networks which connects computers worldwide via a huge set of telecommunication links. In our world today, almost every one has access to the internet, every web page accessible by a browser enabled phone or a mobile system. With just a click of a button, web users can be transported … Continue reading The Internet; A blessing or a curse to the future kids


Ahh!!! Finally, I'm home. *fast forwards*...alright, *locates bed* I'm comfortable now *adjusts pillows* let's see, let's see. Today started out fine, I got up early, put on my face scrub, brushed, shower..*fastforward* I'm off to drop my cousin at school...*pause* there was so much traffic today, I mean..Yo!! Just park your car well...its called Parallel … Continue reading TODAY!

Its a Girls World

That stupid moment when you're on your period.....where do I start? The bloating, acne, cramps, oily hair and skin, general and specific pain, mood swings...the struggle that comes with finding a comfortable sleeping position, the self consciousness, being a girl is never easy.....Boys Just fail to understand that Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.