It was stormy outside, the dark blue waves slammed repeatedly against the hull of the ship and we rocked with it like faithful lovers. I got up and waved the tiny vial of smelling salts under my nose, fighting off the saltiness flooding my mouth and the nauseous simmering in my belly. I looked over … Continue reading Sirens


My head hurts, I reach out to hold it. Just in case my brain is spilling out. Where am I anyway? I open my eyes and take in my surrounding. Lots of dust and the acrid smell of death and burnt things. A lady, her entire body covered but her eyes was screaming a name. … Continue reading Loop

The Greats.

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Pleased to Meet You." In the Blue corner. Ruler of the entire world at some point. Husband of many. Lover of Hepaesthus. Leader of the Roman Empire. DemiGod. Alexander the great. In the Red Corner. (oh the irony) CEO Grey Enterprises Holdings. Megalomaniac. Stalker Extraordinaire. Owner of … Continue reading The Greats.