Before I begin, I have a confession.

I am extremely jealous slightly envious of all you who live in countries that are blessed with snow.

It’s a warm night here, a clear sky and a beautiful full moon. I’m slaving away cheerfully helping out in the kitchen,  so I took time out to put this down before I write another tomorrow.

Eventful, very eventful.
From the day I turned eighteen till this very moment.  Regardless of all the tragedy that has befallen the planet this year. We do have one thing to be thankful for, that’s hope.

Hope for today, tomorrow and forever. Hope for peace. Hope for you (all of you), my perfect outspoken family right here on WordPress, to be bigger, better, more beautiful and most importantly; the happiest you’ve ever been.

The year sped by, folks, but tonight is special. It reminds us of what tomorrow will signify. To be frank, I don’t feel Christmassy because I was lazy so I left the Christmas decorations out all year I totally forgot to get gifts for anyone.

So here goes, I’m feeling poetish

To you, my online family
Gathering round your trees.

The year has come to close
And we don’t know what next year will unfold.
So while you’re curling your toes and watching it snow.

I wish you a very merry Christmas and I pray that all your heart desires will be heard and answered. All your ailments healed and all your goals met.

Have a great night everyone


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