For a moment,  I really thought about it. This thing called humanity: what makes us the same and what makes us so different. So I decided to put it down.

Don’t know how it’s going to look like. This is unfiltered.

Let’s strip away nationality, skin tone, hair and eye color,religion and racial disparity, gender even. That doesn’t make us human. Being on Earth doesn’t make us human. Not even close.

The abstractions that unite us. Subatomic  streams of unity flowing all around us, rendering time and space useless.

The hearty cackle
The giggles
The chuckles
The breathlessness

The frown
The glossy eyes
The tears
The sobs

The heavy breathing
The heart rate
The fists
The narrowing of the eyes
The calm

The biology

” the eyes we close when we lean into who we love.

   The fingers we thread. The tangled legs. The synced breathing.

The mimic when we fall in love. The dilated pupils. Whispers in the dark. The shadow of the smile after a kiss.

These Are The Things That Make Us Human.


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