In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “BYOB(ookworm).”

well, turns out I do have the time and inclination to write.

The First book is Lights.

“So Apparently I’ve been reincarnating for as long as I live, and I have a psychic best friend, she’s dead and alive. And a hunk of a boyfriend.
I should’ve known something was wrong with me, I mean. I See people’s emotions and stuff.
Why wasn’t I informed?Why can’t I remember?And who’s my nemesis?
The good guys always have a nemesis. Why don’t you read and find out?

Xoxo, Ella/Clare”

And the second books is Invictus

“Hades hasn’t been idle, we humans believe the Greek myths were just that. Myths.
I know better now. We’ve lived on Earth thinking that anything we couldn’t see were just figments of people’s imagination.

Name it: Id’ea, Asgard, The Fae order, Greek Deities. thousands of civilisations forgotten.

Now Hades wants to reach across the veil of human ignorance and feed off the fear and terror he has plans of unleashing.
The Greek gods have turned a blind eye to this, after all, there’s going to be scientific explanation.

The Goddesses reached out to us, to help the Earth.

To do that, we must control the elements”

In case, you do want to read the books.
the links are pasted below.
Lights is a complete book on Wattpad now. Invictus is still in the Works.


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