Okay, before I start, Lyanna is a character in my ongoing Wattpad Novel, Element.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Interview.”

Me: welcome, Lyanna, we’re glad you could make it.

L: yeah, it’s my pleasure. Who’s We?

M: The WordPressers

L: how many are they?

M: (laughs) who’s giving the interview?

L: oh yeah, sorry.

M: how are you finding Idaho?

L: it’s been eventful.

M: Eventful?

L: yeah, I mean I lived here from London, I kinda like schooling here because of my friends. Among other reasons.

M: We know that you acquired some powers, what about it?

L: (runs hand through her hair) how did you even know about that? Well, yes. I control the earth. Gaia. Plantlife, mineral resources and all that.

M: and your friends?

L: Okay, Liu controls Air, Denise is the Water girl and April controls Fire.

M: how did you come across this?

L: the Greek deities decided to pick four teenagers to protect the earth from Hades.

M: so they are real?

L: they’re all real. Greek gods, Asgard, The Order of the Fae. We just chose to ignore them and they chose to bask in our ignorance.

M: well, that’s all the time we have today, see you next time.


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