In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Twenty-Five.”

Asshole, adj.

What some people are, they don’t even know they are. Characterised by jerklike behaviour, rude, arrogant.

Banana, Noun.

A fruit, yellow in color and sweet to the tastebuds, favourite fruit of the Minions.

Cat, Noun.
I love cats!

Dandelion, Noun.
Random creations of God, dispersed on the kisses of the wind.

Eggs, Noun.
Is there anything confectionery without them, and bacon just doesn’t feel the same without them.

France, Noun.
A city of love and passion, fashion capital and currently tops my travel bucket list.

Gaia, Noun.
Mother Earth, Mother to Demeter, grandmother of Persephone.

Hillary, Noun.
That’s me. Cheerful but oh so indifferent.

Ice Cream, Noun.

King, Noun.
Supreme leader

Lannister, Noun.
A leading family in the kingdom of westeros. Depicted with a lion sigil.

Murder, Verb.
That’s what she wrote.

Nothing, (I don’t even know)
If I can’t have you
How I feel inside, sometimes.
What the cookie jar has.

Oompah Loompah, Noun.
Dwarfish creatures in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, who sing at the slightest misfortune.

Potatoes, Noun
Boiled, roasted, mashed, fried, curled. Irish, Sweet.

Queen, Noun.
What Lorde is in love with being

Renaissance, Word
A period in human history.

Sunshine, Noun
What we walk on when we are elated.

Television, Noun.
Self explanatory

Umbrella, Noun.
You can stand under Rihanna’s.

Venice, Noun.
Gondola anyone?

Wiggle, Verb.
What we know how to do with that big fat butt.

Xylophone, Noun.
Musical instrument.

The actual pronunciation of the above word.


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