In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “(Your Thing) for Dummies.”

Sadly, everything that can be known is on the Internet.

But the one thing no one on Earth has an idea about is my mind.

Not like I’m gonna tell you all about it. Just a little peek between the veil.

Well my mind is divided into three major parts:

*. The imagisphere

*. The earth

*. The moon

The Imagisphere is equivalent to air on Earth. Here all my random ideas are generated. So if I say random stuff. It’s coming from the Imagisphere.

The earth is a big room with lots of doors. In the centres, is Me.

Well my conscience.

Dressed in a sharp suit. My hair in a bun, glasses on the bridge of my nose. And lots of files. She runs a tight but sometimes loose filing system.

Here, my rationality lies. I actually think here. And all I know is kept behind these doors. Not everything but almost everything.

Sadly, she Hates math. So the door for math is usually locked and is dusty.

On the floor by her desk is a large urn full of golden dust. This represents my willpower, self-confidence, etc.

Okay. Any Questions so far?



Okay, let’s carry on.

The Moon!

This is my chill out zone.

If I’m in a bad mood, I sit here. Just like our moon, we can’t see our moon until it’s infront of the sun.

Like the Earth, the moon is a big room, carpeted in Persian rugs.

With Turkish ottomans.

And a lot of black silk that would have made the Persian and Babylonian royalty green with envy.

In a corner, is Me!

Draped in gold and finery.

Like Dejah Thoris, the princess of Mars.

I’m naked.

Little candles flicker around. There are doors. Bearing secrets and dark thoughts.

Then my brain to mouth filter.

If you look towards the right, ladies and gentlemen.

You see a little device in a glass case. That’s my Perverted Translation Module.

It’s the first of its kind. And it’s highly  effective.

Translates the most innocent of statements.

Developed myself, in 1997.

Well. Here’s where the tour ends.

The rest have been cordoned off.

(I used that word right?)

Have a nice trip back to your life.

Nice of you to stop by. Do come again.

And bring a couple friends.

The more the merrier.


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