In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”

In the Blue corner. Ruler of the entire world at some point. Husband of many. Lover of Hepaesthus. Leader of the Roman Empire. DemiGod.

Alexander the great.

In the Red Corner. (oh the irony)

CEO Grey Enterprises Holdings.


Stalker Extraordinaire.

Owner of a playroom.

Dominant ruler of all females who have read of him.

Lover and husband of one.

Likes to be treated like a god.

Christian Grey.

How they meet.

Alexander is transported into modern day Seattle. He is dressed according to the trend of the season and is looking really nice.

He walks down the street and orders a nice looking female to give him information.

She ignores him and walks by.

He finds himself in front of Grey House. Where there’s an Audi R8 convertible waiting.

He stares at it for a long time. The driver pulls out a strange object and talked into it.

After a while, Christian comes out, causing the females at the other end of the street to sigh longingly.

He stops in his tracks. Stares at Alexander. Then walks towards him.

“Hello” Christian says

“Who are you, commoner, to come before me?” Alexander huffed.

“I am Christian Grey” he replied simply. “Do you want something to eat? ”

Alexander considers it and nodded.

Christian motioned for the car and they went in.

“I don’t know if I’m crazy” Christian started “but are you not Alexander the Great”

A wide boyish smile broke across Alex’s face and he ran his hand through his blonde hair.

“Ahhhhhh, someone who recognises my greatness.”

Then Christian goes along to tell him about time travel and that there are rulers called presidents and all about the modern world.

Alexander learns quickly. And works for Christian. Making them best of friends.


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