Le Casa Hersey.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dream Home.”

Hasn’t anyone been listening to me?

I don’t ask for much though.

Just a little three bedroom semi detached bungalow.

With a hedges.

And a paved driveway.

And a triple parking garage.

I intend to have 3 cars ,you know?

The front will be the plain Jane of architecture.

With a wraparound porch, some swinging chairs, potted plants and wind chimes.

A long corridor would link to all the rooms.

The kitchen would be a masterpiece in chrome and black lacquered wood.

With a breakfast island.

My bedroom would be a light blue color with colored low energy saving bulbs.

With a four poster bed covered.

And lots of pillows.

The bathroom would have a shower and a bathtub.

A transparent bathtub.

Then the works.

Other bedrooms would be similar, except the bath.

The library?

Please refer to BrainRoom. An older post.

The living room would have a bay window overlooking the garden.

With a 54″ flat screen TV. A playstation 4.

Ash trays( I have friends who smoke)

Lots of beanie bags.

A nice coffee table.

Potted plants.

Little shelves.

And paintings

The garden floor would be covered in moss. With a gazebo

And a little koi pond.

And potted bonsai plants.

Me casa es su casa.


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