7 Things You Don’t Know About Me!

Well. Here goes:

1. I turn 18 in July.

2. I’m a very impulsive person. I saw this on another blog and just decided to do it.
I can be the spokeswoman for Nike. I just do it.

3. I’m a Nyctophiliac. I love the dark.

3b. I was born for the Earth. So I’m a Nelipot.

4. I’m quasi-depressed. I mean, just take a look at my phone. And my taste in music. And that I like black . And think death is beautiful.

5. I have unusual interest in the supernatural. Angels, demons, dibooks, spirits, possessions, exorcism. Etc. That’s why I love horror movies.

5b. I don’t think Annabelle is scary. The conjuring did a better job.

5c. If you don’t think “Agony” in “Into the Woods” is the best song. Then you’re wrong.

6. I don’t dream. I’ve never dreamt. I’m like that Guy in Inception.

7. Sometimes I self diagnose myself with Autism. Just because.

7b. I might be Atheist, but I’m not sure.

8. I’m Christian, but I’m not religious

9. Sometimes I have serious conversations with myself. Like why economy is bad. Or the possible truths about Da vinci’s code.

10. I really appreciate that you read it up to this point. And you’re beautiful. Yes! You!

It don’t matter what size or shape or color or sexual orientation.

You are beautiful.

(notice I didn’t add gender)

Well now I have.

I love you.

Thats it folks, the seven things you didn’t know,

But now you do


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