In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Interplanet Janet.”

My own planet!

Hehe Hehehhehe

Let’s see.

My planet is going to be a lot like earth, but oh so different.

For example.

The ozone layer is self sustaining. And even if we channel Chlorofluorocarbons directly at it.

It won’t budge.

The volcanoes won’t spew lava and stuff.

They’re beautiful, but deadly. So no.

My planet won’t have shifting tectonic plates to avoid earthquakes and other plate related accidents.

The wind system is going to be stable.

But I would allow mild windstorms every now and then.

There’s gonna be an overabundance of trees.

For all purposes.

And water.

And we shall have a plant that channels all industrial lymphatic utilised water and transforms it into balls of gas to fuel the planet.

The people on my planet would be just  like us. But of one orientation.

No racism.

No religious uprising.

Marvelous languages.

But a common language.

Like Pig Latin

Infrastructure would be simple yet modern.

Fashion trends are chic.

All the females of my planet will have long full hair.

We still have four seasons.

And beautiful landscapes.

Like the blood lake in Texas.

Or the Pink lake in Senegal.

Or the River of five colors in Colombia

I missed the Morning Glory Pool at Yellowstone.

And each continent will have a variation of Cherry Blossoms.


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