In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Get it Out of My Head.”

Usually , it takes roughly 3 minutes for the recorder in my brain to catch music.

2 days tops depending on how much I love the song.

A month or so to get it out.

Then Hozier happened.

I stumbled upon “Take me to church” on a friends phone.

I was captivated by the deep rich voice.

Even more pleased was I when I listened to the lyrics.

I had it all in, in a space of three days.

The problem, you ask?

I can’t get it out.

I sing anywhere.



In a cab

At school


With strangers

Random place.

I just belt out

“My lovers got humor. She’s a giggle at a funeral…”

So I decided to get the entire album to offset this track.

From Eden is sensational. But sadly, I fell in love with other songs but can’t get rid of this song.

Prior to that it was:

Sia’s Chandelier

Kanye West’s Black Skinhead

Lana Del Rey’s Born to die

Taylor Swifts Shake it off.

Meghan Trainors All about that bass

And a vinyl record of other great songs.


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