In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Writing Room.”

I love to read. And if you do too. I love you.

I’m getting distracted.

The ideal reading space.

Ah! Yes! Come on, Genie. We have work to do.

To begin, the doors of the brain room will be glass. Looking glass kinda glass.

I can see you from inside. You can see your reflection.

Then. I’m not so good with wood kinds, but the table has to be sturdy and modelled in a modern form.

The chair should be modern also. So modern that one day I might just decide to sit on the floor and make a blog post about it.

I know, that was a tad extreme.

Le sigh.

The walls must be Dove grey. With black stencilled beauties.

I’m a Nyctophiliac.

And while all of you are expecting to see the clichéd “wall-to-floor” shelves.

I want the hanging shelves of Babylon. Suspended from the concrete slab I want as a ceiling by those high tech thin ropes gizmos

Are you getting this down, genie?


What do you mean, “you can’t get stencilled beauties?”

Search the entire Kingdom of the Internet.


Moving on, I want Persian rugs and Turkish ottomans.

Let it be that when you step in the room*. You become an exotic traveller.

*: subject to change. I’m a girl. I’m entitled to mind changing.


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