I totally relate to this. I have sleeping problems too

Chaos, Cats and Chronic Pain

Oh my Gods, I finally did it!!

Yesterday I was just beyond exhausted. I couldn’t settle to anything and quite literally every single movement HURT!! And it was as though I had lead weights in every limb.

It wasn’t helped by a very sudden and unexpected asthma attack that would not go away. Thank the starry skies for our home nebuliser!! It doesn’t get used very often but it serves it’s purpose of “just in case”.

I am pretty sure that my exhaustion and weakness plus the lead weights in my muscles are what made the asthma so scarily persistent. You do, after all, use all those torso muscles to physically force your breath in and out your lungs when the asthma prevents it being an automatic process. At least thats how it feels. And muscles fatigued by FM and lack of sleep are not efficient!!

But it did…

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