Manuscript for a Short Story

I think we all feel like this sometimes

Past Lives and Prose

I threw out my life; the days and hours I just burned up into a flame- how I wish I could make up for them all. The mistakes that cannot be unmade, the words that cannot be unsaid, the emotional blood that cannot be unshed. How I wish I could take it all back. Torturous “what if’s” haunt me like a ghost; following me and floating me in and out of what seems like life and death- stealing my clarity. Yet with every newly budded flower, another day dawns along with a new born opportunity. After coming out of a cavern so deep and unenlightened, my skin burned against the sun- it was the kind of burn that sets one into a deep sleep of recovery. After the once branded, emotional shackles were shaken off my feet, my lack of energy caught up with me. I slept; I dreamt beautiful…

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