This Thing Called Love

I used to believe in Love, but now I don’t. For reasons I can’t explain, I can’t seem to believe in the existence of love.

My friends always tell me that it exists and when I ask them to explain to me how it does, They can’t. There was a time I believed in love. I was a die hard romantic. But the world’s just messed up now. Then, there was no basis. People just loved without knowing WHY they loved.

We live in an age where men will claim to love only to take advantage. Women claim to love only cause “Yeah, he’s cute and he has a hot body and he’s so sweet and he’s loaded”. ( Well, we won’t admit this out loud, but yes we do). We take love as a business deal ( I will exchange her cooking and sex for financial protection and a family). This is why divorces are rampant. They call it mistakes.

The thing about love is that, it kills you, when you have it and when you don’t. There’s a difference between “loving” and “being in love”. This is often not seen. This is where the mistake lies.

When someone’s happiness becomes my happiness, then maybe I could say I’m in love. I could only say I’m in love with someone if I have no idea what attracts me to the person.

I don’t know, can someone tell me what love is? I mean, not the Philosophical Aspect of love. Just pure, unadulterated love?


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