Trilogies (poem)

Three things to love; courage, gentleness, affectionateness.

Three things to admire: intellectual power, dignity, gracefulness

Three things to hate; Arrogance, Cruelty, ingratitude

Three things to despise; Meanness, affectation, envy

Three things to reverence; religion, justice, self denial

Three things to delight in ; beauty, frankness, freedom

Three things to wish for; health, friends, a cheerful spirit

Three things to pray for; faith, peace, purity of heart.

Three things to esteem; wisdom, prudence, firmness

Three things to like; cordiality, good humor, mirth

Three things to avoid; idleness, loquacity, flippant festing

Three things to suspect; flattery, obsequiousness, sudden affection

Three things to cultivate; good books, good friends, good humor

Three things to govern: the tongue, temper, impulse

Three things to be prepared for; Change, Death, Decay.

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