I had that dream the other night, and I’m listening to Adele’s Skyfall

‘ This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten, feel the earth move again, hear my heartburst again”

That’s how I feel, like I’m suffering from heartburst. I miss you, I miss your smiles, I miss our arguments, I miss our good times. If you can read this, know I’m breaking.

Waiting for so long, I’m suffocating. I miss missing you. This hit me like a shot in the dark, where will I start? The past? Before you came in. But I compete with the emptiness I feel inside me. I’m falling to pieces, I’m down trying to pick up the broken pieces of my heart and hurting myself. I tell myself I need to get up and move. But when I stand up, like a toddler I fall back to where I’ve been.

My friends try to tell me, to get on with my life, but each time I try, I just break down and cry cause I’d rather be home feeling blue. And I saved all my love for you.

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