Wake Me Up (Dreams after a heartbreak)

Catch me as I fall, drifting in the atmosphere, would it take away the pain if I gave it all away. “Don’t run away, they said “Don’t try to hide, Don’t close your eyes, don’t turn off the lights”

Wake me up inside, Save me from the darkness of this life, shield my heart from hurt before it turns to rock. Bring me to life. Dying inside without your smiles, without your love darling and only you can bridge this gap across my heart.

There it is, at the end of this dark tunnel.. A small flickering light. Trudging slowly through the muck on the ground, I slip, falling again and again..I sit there watching the light..My Chest hurts, looking down I see a patch of blood on my shirt…it hurts even more, like a knife is turning deeper. I scream as loud as I can.

That’s where I wake up.


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