The internet is a network of networks which connects computers worldwide via a huge set of telecommunication links.

In our world today, almost every one has access to the internet, every web page accessible by a browser enabled phone or a mobile system. With just a click of a button, web users can be transported to wherever they wish.

Majority of the web users are the working population, especially the youths. These group of people are always on the web, either watching videos on YouTube, or activities on the numerous social networks especially; Facebook, Twitter, BBM, instagram etc.

Now the Question is “is the internet a blessing or a curse for the next generation?”

The internet aids in commercial activities, aids in raising awareness. It helps in the education of little ones as they are referred to as the “sight and sound generation”. Even my two year old niece can use my laptop and access or and learns words and sounds from the brightly colored images on the screen.

iKids in the new millenia; The internet helps students to become global citizens. In many countries, students are referred to as “digital natives” I.e these are digital learners, they absorb the worls through the internet. The internet also provides tools that allow students to show online behavior and skill that indicates leadership amongst peers. On the other hand, the internet serves as a rival to other forms of media, like television and books.

Internet helps in the completion of an average child’s homework. The educational sector has introduced the ICT (information communication technology) and a child makes use of the web as a leverage for school work. When I’m given an assignment, I first think… is the key. It also gives room for creative people like all of us on by allowing online blogs.

Then there’s a high increase of immorality thanks to online pornography. What do you think? Blessing or curse? “Drop yhur comments below”

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