Mind My Manners!

I realised that I haven’t introduced myself as an individual.

I’m Hillary Essien (Nigerian not Ghanaian) I am the fifth of seven kids.(big family.)

The reason I call myself complicated is because I am.
You will expect a girl with 3 sisters to be the ultimate girly girl.

But I was a tomboy as a younger person.

I had to learn how to be feminine when I hit puberty.

I still have that , but I turn it into androgynous trends.

I hate skirts. I absolutely hate them.

Love jeans,I live in them.

I can manage nice dresses.

My social problems as a child led me to be the person I am today but I visited a shrink

(in my dreams though)

So I got over it.

I have a lot of guy friends.

I have a crooked mind.

I love my phone( we all do).

I love music.

I’m smart in my own way.

Among other things..I draw, I write.

I turn 18 this year…cheerio.

Twitter handle; @hillclovers

Find me on Instagram: Itzhersey


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