Ahh!!! Finally, I’m home. *fast forwards*…alright, *locates bed* I’m comfortable now *adjusts pillows* let’s see, let’s see. Today started out fine, I got up early, put on my face scrub, brushed, shower..*fastforward* I’m off to drop my cousin at school…*pause* there was so much traffic today, I mean..Yo!! Just park your car well…its called Parallel not Diagonal parking..*shaking my head * I felt like hitting him…*play* I drop my cousin off at school and end up 3 hours early at my own school…*hand slapping face* I try to talk to these people but they don’t understand me…My boyfriends line isn’t going through and my phone is dying without me touching it…*Oh Blackberry!” I have a class finally at 10…I left my assignment at home..*stupid me*…I pull out a sheet and furiously scribble in my odd handwriting. The teacher comes in, asks for it..I stall..*flashback* he asks for it, I tell a joke, I can’t remember but it was hilarious* by this time I am done and I give it to him..Class was a blur…its humid, and my afro is poofy…that’s when they said we have to play ball..I went as a cheerleader..*in my dreams* I didn’t watch. Dad came for me…that’s when the stress kicked in…home, church, dead phones, no music…*SCREAMS* I’m home…heavy eyelids. Some guy I just met is hitting on me. *typical guy behaviour* Any way..* Kanye West’s Voice*Goodnight cruel world, I’ll see you in the morning, this is way too much I need a moment……and I’m out

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