OhMyGosh!!! To Die For

OH!!! When I saw this picture I knew it was worth talking about. I mean the question had my name on it, I’m no Joan Rivers or Giuliana Rancic, but this is mouth watering,…in order of preference, I love 4 and 5, they are Chic, elegant without trying too hard, the accessories and the figure of the girl completely makes it Lovely, maybe 4 and 5 would have held their hair up to make it look elegant and 4 would have gone with a large clutch purse, but they’re okay. Next in line is 3, the lines are elegant, but she looks a wee bit slutty (plunging neckline) but she’s okay. I have nothing to say about 1 but I absolutely hate 2, camo slacks, and suspenders and heels and a pink tee..(BLECH!!!!)…
For me, sexiness is when you leave people imagining, less is more… Icons like Coco Chanel, Emma Watson and others can testify. You can look really sexy and classy without flashing a large amount of boobs or thighs!

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