The Kind Of Girlfriends Guys Want

Yup, the picture explains a lot, I mean Hot Girls in jerseys, she’s a keeper. Girls are complicated, like me (Duh!!! I’m a girl)..but boys tend to be more attracted to sporty girls. You’d look good, support a club, you wouldn’t need explaining when you’re watching a game. (Offsides is the most explained term) she wouldn’t complain when the guys come over for game night, she’d even make a Happy FIFA ’14 cake for you. Most people will see this as. a FRIENDZONE thing, but its just like adding that extra Ooomph! To the relationship… Like Me: I support Manchester United, My Boyfriend is A gunner, usually there are times I tease him cause of the no trophy thing (no offence to AFC fans reading this) but its comfortable when we watch it, I’m not distracted, he’s not worried that I’m uncomfortable …its just bliss!…

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