My Social Achilles Heels (Literally)

I’m going to die one of these days when I go into a shoe store, I went with my mother into a store called ShoeCity, I actually wanted to get a pair for my graduation the next few days, I sat while the clerk asked what I was looking for, I told him I needed something for a suit.. He went into the store while I fed my eyes on the shelves, Mom knew I had a weakness for shoes and I never got satisfied, I immediately started picking things of the shelves.. Okay I admit, although I was a tomboy in the early years of my life, its amazing how obsessed I am with feminine things, I Love victoria’s secret and lace and Heels (shoes generally though)…I actually find my self wishing I could afford my fashion taste. Oh well, the guy came back with an amazing pair of black platform heels and I slid my feet in…it felt like I was made for it, I walked around a while, but my mom was ready to destroy my shortlived happiness…she looked at me, gave me a hopeful smile, then told the clerk guy to take away the heels before I get attached, Too late!!! I was already attached… We asked for price, It was affordable..I mean my mom spends more money on little things she never needs, but no…because its me…she said its too expensive…you can guess what happens from here, I left the store heartbroken…the leopard print ones I’ve uploaded, I fell in love with these at another store,and no she didn’t buy them for me…*sighs* you see my dilemma!!!!

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