Formally called the Credo in the Roman Catholic church, this prayer or a chant can be noted as a re-affirmation of our Faith in God as we Say ” I believe in God”, but in recent times; when I recite it during Mass or at the beginning of the Rosary. I always prefer putting our Present day situation into the creed.
In our world today, Earth has had an upsurge of problems; racism, inequality, Wars, etc. One has to wonder if its possible for a man to speak to another mans heart?, For a man on a cross 2000 years ago upon a hill to speak today to Mans own heart? Is it possible for one mans death to mean life to another man, when that mans death 2000 years ago upon a hill said death to his friends and desolation to his mother? Is it possible for one mans shadow to throw light upon life and love 2000 years later?
Thus I revisit the Creed as;
“I believe in a color blind God, maker of technicolor people, who created the entire universe and its abundant resources for equitable distribution amongst all his people.
I believe in Jesus Christ, born of a woman, who was ridiculed, disfigured and executed, who on the third day rose and fought back. He storms the highest of councils of men where he overturns the iron rule of injustice, from henceforth, He shall continue to judge the arrogance and hatred of men.
I believe in the Spirit of reconciliation, the united body of the dispossessed. The communion of the suffering masses. The power that overcomes the dehumanizing forces of men, the resurrection of personhood, justice and the equality and final triumph of brotherhood.

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One thought on “My Own Version Of The Apostle’s Creed

  1. That is awesomely written… the same today yesterday and tomorrow. If we can but understand the meaning of it all. You have done well to express what the sentiment SHOULD be regarding Faith in Christ.

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