For Anne

She slept in one room and woke up in another. "I must be sleepwalking" she would say, but I always reminded her that I had locked the doors from outside the previous night. She saw her reflection blank, saw her shadow walk past her, heard screams across the hallway, seen the stars go away, sometimes … Continue reading For Anne


The silence woke her, she sprang up in bed, a light veil of sweat all over her body. She squinted about in the dark. Why's it so quiet? I left the bubbler on. She reached for the reading lamp, fumbling for the switch. She reached it but there was someone's hand already there. She flew … Continue reading Lilou


It was stormy outside, the dark blue waves slammed repeatedly against the hull of the ship and we rocked with it like faithful lovers. I got up and waved the tiny vial of smelling salts under my nose, fighting off the saltiness flooding my mouth and the nauseous simmering in my belly. I looked over … Continue reading Sirens